Planning Together

Let us work together towards the best interest of your institution

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In this first stage, we will have a thorough discussion with our prospective client about their specific preferences and needs. Being open to suggestions will enable the customer to benefit from our extensive experience and creative personnel. Alternatively, if something specific is requested, CCBS will materialise it to detail.

  • Establishing the dates and site
  • Choosing the best combination of services
  • Making food and beverage arrangements
  • Determining staff requirements
  • Discussing the digital and material aspect of the service (website, booklets)
  • Creating an action plan and a timetable for the completion of the project
  • All within budget range
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Our work as organisers is to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the event. The team of CCBS Greece will be on-site, taking all necessary action so as to facilitate an exquisite conference experience for our clients and their guests. Everything is always agreed upon beforehand in order to minimize surprise and allow our client to focus on their esteemed guests and on the content of the event. Everything else is taken care of by CCBS.

  • We arrange and set the layout of venues
  • We process abstracts and other publications
  • We co-ordinate audiovisual as well as language related services
  • We provide administrative and secretarial support
  • We take care of all transfer and tour needs of participants and companions
  • We ensure that everything “works” as discussed and agreed
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Do not hesitate to contact CCBS for a free cost estimation of your planned event.
We will be happy to discuss all relavant details.

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