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CCBS Conference offers a wide variety of services that can be combined to create unique outcomes. The event can be customized according to its scale, location, duration, structure, character, status (public-open or private) and other factors.

We can undertake the coordination of a section of your occasion or organise the event from start to finish.

Remember that any of the following occasions can be turned into a Green Event upon request. Reduce the overall environmental footprint of your organization by supporting our Eco Friendly organisation methods.

You can see a selection of our event categories here.

Incentive – Team Building – Training – Networking – Gala – Annual – Prize and Award – Closed Meeting – Social and Family Event

Conference – Seminar – Workshop and Publication –  Book and Research Presentations– Academic distinction Ceremonies – Training – Press release – Closed Meeting

Open events – Institutional Networking & Workshops – Training – Project Presentation – Awards

Product and Services Fair – Exhibition – Show – Business Missions

CCBS Conference - Conferences and meetings

Below you will find our most demanded provisions for these categories.

  • Venue & Accommodation
  • Eco Friendly & Green Events
  • Speaker Guest & Exhibitor management
  • Information & Brand material
  • Event Website Design & operation
  • Online Registration & Application systems
  • Public Relations & Promotion
  • Audiovisual support, Teleconference & Translation
  • Abstract Books Publication & Copyright handling
  • Secretarial support & oversight during the event
  • Catering
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Budget & Account Management
  • Accompanying leisure & social services
  • VIP Services
  • Legal & Insurance coverage
  • Unique Business Gifts
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